Midnight Graphics & Recreation Library

03 Sprite Animation System

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The Midnight Graphics and Recreation Library is able to import .gani files and use them to facilitate keyframe animations. While it is not demonstrated in this demo, the playback of sound effects feature of .gani files is supported by MGRL. The brief flash of red circles is the placeholder graphic that shows in place of undownloaded sprites. This allows the download of a new sprite to not interrupt the playback of the animation. Sprites can be pre-cached to avoid this.

Further reading about .gani files: tutorial, gani faq. This author plans on writing a free software gani editor and does not endorse the use of proprietary software.

If you're still confused, right-click on one of the animations below, and select "view background image". This will show whichever sprite sheet instead of an animated gif. Also, you can look at the links below the animations to see all of the files loaded up by the animation system.

A Quick Note About Licenses

The .gani files used in this demo were written by hand from scratch, and are made available to you under both the GPLv3 and CC BY-SA 3.0. This author does not desire to be attributed for this work, but if you use these .gani files with Liberate Pixel Cup assets, be sure to attribute other authors involed correctly!

Speaking of which, this demo makes use of assets from the Liberated Pixel Cup and are modified versions of the Universal LPC spritesheet, which are also under both the GPLv3 and CC BY-SA 3.0 licenses.

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