The functionality described in m.overlays.js is used to create html overlays on top of the 3D canvas. These overlays can have their positions locked to appear over the screen position of any GraphNode in use.

The #mgrl_overlay div is created when the rendering context is established. While you can interact with this directly if you like, it is generally advised to use the overlay API to add and destroy widgets intended to function seamlessly with the animated content.

Please note that the overlay currently sets the “pointer-events” css property to “none” on the div element itself. To receive pointer events on divs that have mgrl_overlay as an ancestor, the property must be explicitely overridden (see the new_element method below for an example).


please.overlay.new_element (id, classes)

Creates and returns a new overlay child div. This div is automatically added to the dom. The arguments to this function are both optional. The first sets the dom id of the element, and the second sets the class list for the element. The “classes” argument may be either a string or an array of strings.

The new div features some extra properties, as well as some different defaults than you may be used to:

  • style.pointerEvents is “none” by default
  • auto_center determines the centering behavior when bound to a GraphNode this is set to be true by default.
  • bind_to_node(graph_node) Causes mgrl to override the ‘left’ ‘bottom’ css properties of the element, such that the element appears over the node on screen.
  • hide_when Defaults to null, may be a function that when returns true, causes the element’s ‘display’ css property to be set to ‘none’ (otherwise, the ‘display’ css property will be coerced to ‘block’).

This function returns the newly added div element so that you may customize it further. Example of use:

var label = demo.main.label = please.overlay.new_element("text_label");
label.hide_when = function () { return demo.loading_screen.is_active; };
label.innerHTML = "" +
    "Click somewhere in the tiled<br/>" +
    "area to move the character.";
label.style.backgroundColor = "rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8)";
label.style.fontSize = "24px";
label.style.padding = "4px";
label.style.borderRadius = "4px";
label.style.right = "100px";
label.style.bottom = "100px";
label.style.pointerEvents = "auto"; // restore mouse events


please.overlay.remove_element (element)

Remove the element (or an array of elements) passed as an argument from #mgrl_overlay if present, and remove any bindings to graph nodes if applicable.


please.overlay.remove_element_of_id (id)

Removes off children to #mgrl_overlay of the given dom id.


please.overlay.remove_element_of_class (class_name)

Removes off children to #mgrl_overlay of the given css class name.

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