This part of the module is responsible for the display and configuration of html/css ui elements, such as dialogue boxs or config screens.


please.page.create (name, options)

Creates a blank ui screen. This can be anything from a subscreen for game elements, a config page, a dialogue box, or anything else that might rely on html/css for user interface.

This function returns a div element for you to populate with content.

The name argument is used to cache the resulting dom element and is used as a handle for showing and hiding the box later.

The options argument is an optional object you can pass to this to further customize the view. The following options are available:

preset a string with one of “alert”, “fatal_error”; or null.

scale either “window”, “canvas”, or “small”.

no_close when set true, this wont’t create a close button or binding for removing the ui screen.

close_callback optional callback method for when the close button has been clicked, if applicable.

blocking whether the input controller and possibly other functionality should not respond to input (eg, “pause the game”) while the screen is open.

buttons a list of objects. The objects have a “name” property which is the button’s label, as well as a “callback” property for when the button is clicked. If the callback returns a truthy value, then the page will not automatically be hidden after calling it.


please.page.show (name)

Shows the named page and returns the elemnt containing the page content.


please.page.hide (name)

Hides the named page and returns the elemnt containing the page content.

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